2022 All American Quarter Horse Congress Stall Assignments

UPDATED 10-05-2022

The 2022 Stall Assignments are now live. Please see the information below about arrival/departure times and stall assignments.

Reining and Ranch Horse Stalls

Roping Stalls

Barrels/Poles Horse Stalls

General Horse Show Stalls

For stall mat rentals please contact Elite Stall Mat Rentals.

To pre-order bedding, please call Robin at 519-841-3934 beginning September 19th.

Manure Policy

Congress has a Licensed Recycling Service that will recycle our manure provided it is a pure organic product, free of trash and medical related items.

Fire Safety and Animal Protection

Help us comply with the Ohio State Fire Marshal's code in order to keep horses and exhibitors safe.
The State Fire Marshall will require the following:
  1. Stalling areas/Stall Build-outs/Covered Stalls:
    1. Fully functioning smoke detector
    2. Fully functioning ABC-rated (5 lb.) fire extinguisher
    3. All wall hangings, fabric, or other decorative materials shall be made of flame resistant or non-combustible materials.
    4. Do not construct anything that creates new fire hazards, such as building too close to existing electric lines or up against combustible materials, or block open access to essential life safety system components like sprinkler valves and pipe/hose connections.
    5. Use Commercial grade extension cords instead of residential cords. Do not overload extension cords or daisy chain extension cords to each other.
    6. Three feet clearance must be maintained between sprinkler heads and the top of covered stalls.
    7. No open flames

  2. General Safety:
    1. No smoking inside any building, tent or near any manure piles.
    2. Do not block any fire extinguisher, interior exit, door, aisle or hallways, or outside fire lane.
    3. Do not store propane tanks without proper safeguards.
    4. Do not allow hay, unused/discarded construction materials, animal care items and additional combustible materials to pile up anywhere.

Click on the first letter of your last name to jump to the correct place in the list

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Your barn name is a link. Click on it to get a map of the building and stall layouts.

Adkins, Mitchell DBuckeye Barn13, 27-30, 95
Ainsworth, ClintGilligan North Barn734-744, 750-759
Alley, TaylorBuckeye Barn74
Almond, SallyBuckeye Barn328-329
Andrew, CraigAdequan269-275
Applegett, AllisonAdequan207-211, 238-242
Arentsen, ChrisGilligan North Barn235
Arrington, Justin ClayO'Neil/Swine Barn299-304, 321-325
Avila Jr, BobbyReining Adequan741-745
Ayers, HayleyO'Neil/Swine Barn85-86
Baggett, Benjamin FReining Adequan964
Baker, BrianAdequan164-172, 181-189, 223-226
Baker, J ColeGilligan North Barn402-413, 440-453
Baker, Jeanne SO'Neil/Swine Barn87-88, 126
Baker, RickGilligan North Barn199-203, 230-234
Ball-McCullough, AshleyO'Neil/Swine Barn175-176
Ballard, JakeReining Adequan206-211, 238-243
Barber, MorganReining Adequan945
Barnes, VeraNorth Commercial39-40
Barry, JonReining Adequan675-678, 705-708
Bartlett, Shannon ElizabethReining Adequan944
Bassler, BrynneGilligan South Barn1317-1331, 1333-1346
Bates, EmmaO'Neil/Swine Barn268-274, 278-283
Bates, ZaneVoinovich/Beef Barn263-265, 281-283
Beal, Nicole SAdequan260-267, 277-285
Beam, D JGilligan North Barn426-428
Bean, StephanieAdequan51-54, 98-102
Bean, StephanieBuckeye Barn91-92
Becker, James B IIIO'Neil/Swine Barn42-47, 78-84
Beggs, Grace LeeAg & Hort155-156
Beishlag, ChristyBuckeye Barn73
Bell, BrianReining Adequan480-481, 521-523
Bergantzel, JessVoinovich/Beef Barn266-280
Bergstresser, Daniel RAdequan775-776, 815-816
Bernatowicz, Sarah JGilligan North Barn572-579, 589-597
Berryhill Quarter Horses Gilligan South Barn1253-1258, 1289-1295
Biles, BrookelynReining Adequan875
Blasingame Jr, PaulAdequan877, 922-923
Blount, Sherry MarieBuckeye Barn260
Bluhm, Jennifer LeeGilligan North Barn31-33, 76-78
Bmg Show Horses Buckeye Barn261
Bogart, DeanGilligan South Barn1251-1252, 1296-1297
Bond, HayleyReining Adequan881-882
Born, TravisAdequan173-180
Bove, Shelby AnnettaReining Adequan919-920
Bowen, WilliamReining Adequan299-307, 334-341
Bowker, KyrahReining Adequan772-773, 818-819
Bowman, DVM, Dr MichaelGilligan South Barn1155-1160
Bowshier, Kerry LBuckeye Barn83-86
Bradford, VictoriaReining Adequan500-501
Bradley, Sara AnnBuckeye Barn192-195, 274-277
bradshaw, ShannaBuckeye Barn321
Braham, TammyAdequan394-395
Branscomb, BryahnaO'Neil/Swine Barn93, 120
Brant, BrandonReining Adequan345-355, 382-398, 433-437
Briere, PierreGilligan North Barn793-797, 804-807
Briggs, ChuckAdequan155-163, 190-197
Britton, BlakeGilligan South Barn1072-1084, 1115-1126
Brooks, RobertBuckeye Barn72
Brown, BrittanyBuckeye Barn70
Brown, JordanAdequan880, 919
Brown, ShaunaBuckeye Barn145-152
Brown, WesReining Adequan441, 474-475
Bryner, AlexandriaGilligan North Barn522-547
Buckley, WendiBuckeye Barn208
Budke, ShawnAdequan124-132
Burris, TonyReining Adequan897-898, 902
Burritt, Kimberly StewartBuckeye Barn313-314
Burton, JenniferAdequan726-730, 757-762
Burton, JenniferReining Adequan155, 197-198
Bush, JosieReining Adequan960
Bush, MeganReining Adequan874
Byrd, ChrisO'Neil/Swine Barn72
Capall Creek Farm LLC Ag & Hort35-51, 87-104
Capital Quarter Horses LLCGilligan South Barn1127-1142, 1173-1186
Carey, AloraNorth Commercial109
Carlson, LynnO'Neil/Swine Barn233, 252
Carpenter, Claire NBuckeye Barn134
Carr, KevinO'Neil/Swine Barn345-347, 371-372
Carr, TimO'Neil/Swine Barn200-205, 210-215
Cattaneo, AndreaBuckeye Barn283-285, 353-354
Cavezza, TaylorAdequan268, 276
Ceddia, KeithAdequan848
Ceddia, KeithReining Adequan156, 201-205, 244-253
Chapman, DutchReining Adequan453-464
Charles, JasonReining Adequan829, 866-867
Childers, Miya DVoinovich/Beef Barn260-261, 284-285
Christman, Caitlyn BO'Neil/Swine Barn206-209
Cimochowski, Stacy AO'Neil/Swine Barn1-4, 38-40
Clark, Amber EAdequan452-466
Clark, Brett AAg & Hort105-113, 169-176, 207-208
Clason, HankAg & Hort18-34
Claypool, MattGilligan North Barn680-705
Cliche, SoniaBuckeye Barn51-54
Cluse, MeredithAdequan827, 868-869
Cochran, JeffGilligan South Barn1013-1026, 1057-1069
Cofell, JessieReining Adequan671-673, 711-712, 966
Cole, CharlieGilligan South Barn1303-1316, 1347-1374, 1405-1421
Cook, CutterReining Adequan846-849
Cottingim, Ryan MGilligan North Barn932-942, 977-1012
Craig, Brian AO'Neil/Swine Barn306-320
Creekside Stables Reining Adequan1007
Cremia, AndeeReining Adequan986
Cremia, KelseyReining Adequan1019-1020
Creps, StaceyVoinovich/Beef Barn28, 40-43
Crist, JasonNorth Commercial149-151, 155
Croel, SeptemberGilligan North Barn28-30, 79-81, 87-88
Cross, Terry LGilligan North Barn204-212, 221-229
Curiale Quarter Horses LLC, lyndseyAg & Hort186-187
Curl-Holbin, Shannon MGilligan North Barn89, 91-95, 122-126, 128-129
Dalton, TessaAdequan116-123, 133-141
Daniels, JessicaAdequan991-998, 1009-1014
Daniels, JessicaReining Adequan991-992, 1012-1014
Darnell, AmberO'Neil/Swine Barn157-158
Dart, LanieReining Adequan957
Dasson, AlexisBuckeye Barn75
Daurer, Millisa KVoinovich/Beef Barn358-360, 390-393
Daurio, JimmyReining Adequan502-503
Davies, KyleO'Neil/Swine Barn49, 76
Davis, Michael DReining Adequan173-179
De Brouwer, MikeAdequan396, 434-435
Dean, BobbyAdequan201-205, 244-248
Dean, BobbyReining Adequan674, 709-710
Deary, CaseyReining Adequan260-264, 281-285
Deboer, Lainie MAdequan23-27
DeBuhr, DentonGilligan North Barn100-104, 114-117
Debuhr, DrewGilligan North Barn105-113
Defreitas, PeterReining Adequan780-782, 809-811
DeJonghe, Hannah MAdequan297-298, 343-344
Desmond, DannyO'Neil/Swine Barn263-266
Desmond, DannyO'Neil/Swine Barn285-288
Dewar, AndrewAdequan731-740, 746-756
Diamond, SarahAdequan638, 649
Dickerson, TaftGilligan North Barn720-733, 760-775
Dickman, TonyReining Adequan121-123, 134-136
Diehl, MaddyBuckeye Barn137
DiLoretta, CarlaReining Adequan995
Dobert, Hannah EAdequan883-884, 915-917
Doepker, CarlieReining Adequan883-884
Dolan, NatalieO'Neil/Swine Barn305
Dorsey, KarmonReining Adequan164-168, 185-189
Dougherty, Kara BGilligan North Barn669
Dougherty, KyleGilligan North Barn454-460, 501-510
Downey, RichardNorth Commercial110-111
Doyle, VictoriaBuckeye Barn320
Drake, BobVoinovich/Beef Barn25, 44
Drinkall, JenniferBuckeye Barn229-239
Drummond, LeanneVoinovich/Beef Barn386-387
Dudley, JimReining Adequan266-279
Dunaway, LyndaGilligan North Barn326
Dunham, MarkBuckeye Barn278-282, 355-362
Dunlap, JoeAdequan830-831, 863-865
Eastern Ohio QHANorth Commercial94
Edmonds, KyleReining Adequan996
Edwards, MayGilligan North Barn580-588
Eller, ChristineO'Neil/Swine Barn197, 218
Elrod, TyrellAdequan622, 670-678, 705-712
English, Jason TVoinovich/Beef Barn222-255
Epis, LorisReining Adequan544-550
Erickson, Jerry DAdequan1-13, 38-50
Evans, ChadGilligan North Barn512-521, 548-559
Farrell, JamesAdequan892-893, 906-907
Faulkner, Joshua GlenO'Neil/Swine Barn161-166, 183-188
Ferguson, Amy RGilligan North Barn250-251
Ferreir, AndreyReining Adequan293-298, 342-344
Filley, LindsayO'Neil/Swine Barn230, 255
Firgau, Amy LynneO'Neil/Swine Barn262, 289
Flarida, Shawn WReining Adequan64-89
Flatter, KyleGilligan North Barn633-644
Fleetwood, RickAdequan951-953
Folk, Rebecca AReining Adequan649-650
Foster, BarbBuckeye Barn96-100
Fowler, Kolton LBuckeye Barn55-58
Fox, BryantBuckeye Barn133, 163-164
Fox, CassidyReining Adequan630, 657-658
Frazier, TeahVoinovich/Beef Barn334-347
Frid, RobinGilligan South Barn1201-1214, 1217-1230, 1273-1274
Friedli, KarlaAdequan206
Frye, ScottAg & Hort188-191
Funk, TimBuckeye Barn315-316
Furlong-Byrne, DebraAdequan583-589, 602-608
Galyean, GilGilligan South Barn1484-1496, 1500-1513
GameTime Sports MedicineGilligan South Barn1039-1044, 1096-1099
Garcia, Brooke MekomiO'Neil/Swine Barn193
Garcia, Quintana AReining Adequan830-831, 863-865
Gauthier, JosianeReining Adequan588-603
Geairn, HaleyO'Neil/Swine Barn96
Geiger, JeffO'Neil/Swine Barn135-150, 172-174
Gendreau, ErinReining Adequan879-880
Gentile, JesseReining Adequan410-424
George, BeckyAdequan631-635, 652-656
Gibbs, JefferyAdequan721-722, 764-766
Gibson, AbbieO'Neil/Swine Barn246
Gillespie, ShannonBuckeye Barn210-212, 257-259
Gilliam, Jason LBuckeye Barn14-26
Gilligan, Shauna LAdequan881-882, 918
Giumenti, NicoleAdequan483, 519, 526-534, 561-569
Gollehon, RobinReining Adequan431-432
Goodenow, JoeGilligan North Barn946-949, 970-973
Gooding, GarthGilligan North Barn880-891, 918-930
Gouthro, MattO'Neil/Swine Barn115-117, 129-134, 151-156
Grant, ToddGilligan North Barn670-679, 706-716
Graver, BlytheO'Neil/Swine Barn229, 256
Gray, Christopher AVoinovich/Beef Barn199-211
Greaves, Jeff RAdequan679-684, 699-704
Gregory, Amanda MAdequan723-725, 763
Griffey/Griffey Equine Center, DonaldGilligan North Barn316-325
Griggs, MurrayGilligan North Barn371-387
Guthrie, ShelbyReining Adequan535-543, 553-560
Haines, KennedyAg & Hort131-133
Hale, JimVoinovich/Beef Barn365, 384-385
Hallas, MadisonAdequan926-929, 974-990, 1015-1026
Hallas, MadisonReining Adequan929
Haller, Jean SReining Adequan738-740, 746-749
Hamilton, DaleGilligan North Barn290, 348, 400-401
Haney, TylerAdequan64-69, 83-89
Hanscome, DerekAdequan524-525, 570-571
Hansen, Micah LO'Neil/Swine Barn222, 257-261, 290-298, 327-335
Hanssen-Keyes, AmyAdequan397-403, 427-433, 436
harper, kariBuckeye Barn47-50
Harrell, Mark EGilligan North Barn252-257, 284-289
Harrington, Joe Prause/MariannAdequan485-489, 513-517
Harris, Julian TAdequan410-424
Hatten, BillAdequan668-669, 713-717
Hays, Kristi SAdequan103-105, 152
Hays, Shawn GGilligan North Barn136, 188-189
Head, RobertNorth Commercial41-42
Heeley, PatrickAg & Hort52-55, 84-86
Heidtman, TravisBuckeye Barn207
Herbert, CatherineReining Adequan936-938, 965
Heston, Octavia SkyReining Adequan716-717
Hewitt, Alfred HAdequan18-22, 28-31
Hill, Shannon QuinlanReining Adequan51-56, 97-102
Himelick, HeatherBuckeye Barn127-129, 169-170
Hinely, Kellie LO'Neil/Swine Barn159-160, 189-192, 223-228
Holstege, GregAdequan792-793, 798
Honey, Jenny WReining Adequan668-670, 713-715
Hooper, Tiffany NicoleAdequan479-482, 520-523
Hornick, Ty MGilligan North Barn897-912
Hotchkiss, CathieBuckeye Barn322
House/Berryhill, MandieReining Adequan876
Houser, GalenGilligan North Barn468-469, 492-493
Howard, Dorene DodieAdequan887-890, 908-912
Hoyt, Thomas WReining Adequan112-115, 142-144
Hudson, MatthewReining Adequan793-798
Huff, HoustonGilligan North Barn90, 96-99, 118-121, 611
Hull, ChristopherReining Adequan718-719, 768-769
Jackson, TimGilligan North Barn616-618, 658-661
Jadin, Kelly MAdequan689-693
James, DanReining Adequan997
Jarabek, BenjaminAg & Hort123-124
Jewett, Brad AGilligan North Barn34-41, 68-75
Johnson-Honea, Bridgette CVoinovich/Beef Barn361-362, 388-389
Johnson, Anita LBuckeye Barn262
Johnson, Jessica AAdequan490-498, 501-512
Johnson, RobertGilligan North Barn266-275
Johnson, Sean Reining Adequan947, 955-956
Jones, ChrisBuckeye Barn4-10, 31-38
Jones, Scott AllenAdequan55-63, 90-97, 408-409
Judy DahlgrenGilligan North Barn425
Kamm, Jacob AReining Adequan835-837
Kane, Ian OusmaneGilligan North Barn745-748
Kantner, Ronald D Dr Reining Adequan858-860
Katona, CindyReining Adequan498-499
Kautz, BethAdequan651
Kautz, BethReining Adequan940
Kelly, Natoshia MReining Adequan877-878
Kelly, StephanieO'Neil/Swine Barn232, 253
Kennedy, KarenAdequan783-787, 804-808
Kenoyer, SethReining Adequan687, 722-724, 763-765
Kernen, KaseyVoinovich/Beef Barn258-259
King/King Show Horses, RjGilligan North Barn560-571, 598-610
King, AlyssaO'Neil/Swine Barn239
Kinser, TimothyO'Neil/Swine Barn391-393
Klaus, RickAdequan70-73, 80-82
Klotz, Ulrike DVMO'Neil/Swine Barn235-236, 249
Knabenshue, Will LGilligan North Barn308-315, 327-333
Knelly-Thomas, LoraVoinovich/Beef Barn366-383
Knepley, Patrick KReining Adequan893, 906-907
Knight, DanieleReining Adequan826, 869-870
Knowles, Sean PGilligan North Barn666-668, 717-719
Kroll, Brittany ABuckeye Barn307-312, 331-335
Kunkel, AprilO'Neil/Swine Barn242-243
Kyle, KodiReining Adequan1000-1001, 1006
Labout, TiffanyReining Adequan891-892, 908
Lakins Jr, Kenneth DVoinovich/Beef Barn52-90, 115-119
Lambing, valerieReining Adequan959
Langan, LindsayAdequan794-797
Lantz, MattReining Adequan103-108, 149-152
Lantz, MorganAdequan777-782, 809-813
Larose, CarolynGilligan North Barn82-86, 130-135
LaSusa Lagace LLC Gilligan North Barn150-175
Lawrence, ReginaO'Neil/Swine Barn54
Lawson, KaylaBuckeye Barn132
Lee, DarlaReining Adequan28
Lee, DarlaVoinovich/Beef Barn126-147
LeGault, AnnaReining Adequan926
Leggett-Tidwell, Renee MAdequan308-312, 328-333
Lehman, Brittany LAg & Hort157-158
Lehn, TroyGilligan South Barn1422-1429, 1460-1471, 1474-1483, 1514-1522
Lenhart, Chris AO'Neil/Swine Barn341-344, 373-375
Leonard Truck and Trailer, Inc Reining Adequan60-63, 90-93
Lewandowski/Fawn Hill Farm, MarcellaVoinovich/Beef Barn290-294, 319-323
Long, JeffGilligan North Barn258-261, 281-283
Lubich, AmandaGilligan North Barn950-951, 968-969
Lucas, MichelleO'Neil/Swine Barn52-53
Ludwig, GuilhermeReining Adequan116-120, 137-141
Luebben, Bradley SGilligan North Barn785-787, 814-817
Luther, Mary EgglestonAdequan685-688, 694-698
Lyon, BudReining Adequan308-333
Mace, SteveAdequan939-949, 954-964
Mace, SteveReining Adequan984-985, 1021
Maclean, AydenReining Adequan961
Maestas, Arturo FGilligan North Barn213-220
Magnuson, PresleyBuckeye Barn330
Majernik Solvesky, JulieBuckeye Barn317-318, 325
Mancini, LeeReining Adequan451-452, 465-466
Marciak, KathyBuckeye Barn87-90
Markley, SamanthaO'Neil/Swine Barn244, 275-277
Marler, ToddBuckeye Barn11-12, 101-104
Marsh, Brent TReining Adequan524-528, 566-571
Martin Jr, BenBuckeye Barn130-131, 166-168
Martin, SamanthaBuckeye Barn140
Matthews, Willie JAdequan74-79
Maxwell, BrentGilligan North Barn296-307, 334-347
May, JeremyReining Adequan786-787, 804-805
Mayabb, NickAdequan835-844, 851-860
Maynard, Donald GBuckeye Barn39-42
Mcallister, Tami D AdamsBuckeye Barn286-287, 351-352
McAtee, TanaReining Adequan943
McColley, Travis MAdequan933-938, 965-970
Mcconaghy, SarahAdequan499-500
McCutcheon, TomReining Adequan529-534, 561-565
McElmurray Adequan484, 518
Mcelyea, ChrisReining Adequan913-914
McFarland, Scott DReining Adequan720-721, 766-767
McGee Farms LLC Reining Adequan14-21, 29-37
McGrath, Paul DReining Adequan958
McGuire, BillReining Adequan400-403, 427-430
McGuire, MalReining Adequan731-733, 753-756
Mcneill, HeathAg & Hort150-152
Meadows, SteveReining Adequan482-489, 513-520
Meilleur, JonathanO'Neil/Swine Barn89-92, 121-124
Meilleur, JonathanReining Adequan1010
Meyers Thompson, SherryReining Adequan777-779, 812-814
Milhoan, JessicaReining Adequan911-912
Miller, AmyAdequan443-448, 468-472
Minor, BonnieVoinovich/Beef Barn295-317
Mitchell, Steven LReining Adequan894-895, 905
Mocniak, Suzanne MBuckeye Barn319, 323-324
Moffett, TrenaReining Adequan915-916
Mohr, DouglasVoinovich/Beef Barn24, 45
Montes, Anthony AGilligan South Barn1085-1095, 1102-1114
Montgomery, AshleyAdequan895-896, 903-904
Moody, JeffBuckeye Barn299-306, 336-341
Moore, Cheryl LeeReining Adequan788-789, 802-803
Moore, RickeyVoinovich/Beef Barn331-333, 348-350
Moorefield, Jacqueline TAdequan590-601
Moosmann, JudyO'Neil/Swine Barn55-70
Moreno, Brandon JamesAdequan824, 871
Morgan, BreaBuckeye Barn196-199, 269-273
Morgan, SandraVoinovich/Beef Barn262
Morin, BrandonAdequan930-932
Morin, BrandonReining Adequan930-932, 971-973
Morrow, ArdenReining Adequan917-918
Moses, AaronGilligan South Barn1070-1071, 1187-1200, 1215-1216, 1231-1241
Murphy, JoshReining Adequan685-686, 697-699
Murphy, JulieGilligan North Barn878-879, 931
Murphy, RaymondReining Adequan22-27
Myers, BrookeReining Adequan890, 909-910
Nelson, HeidiReining Adequan496-497
Nelson, Nicholas RReining Adequan157-163, 190-196
Newcomb, Jill GomesGilligan North Barn362-370
Nogee, JoleneGilligan North Barn952
Noiseux, Jessica LVoinovich/Beef Barn324-329, 351-357
O'connor, NathanReining Adequan899-901
O'Reilly, MollyAg & Hort147-149
Oak Ridge Equestrian, Janine DixonAdequan356-362, 374-381, 406
OBrien, Arthur JAg & Hort177-185
Opell, Emily SReining Adequan490
Orihuela, Tania T.Reining Adequan840-842, 853-854
Ormiston, Rachel ErinO'Neil/Swine Barn73
Otero, CaitlinO'Neil/Swine Barn238, 247
Pagano, Elizabeth HAdequan894, 905
Page, Jessica RhymerBuckeye Barn326-327
Painter, RyanAdequan107-115, 142-151
Pait, Jeffrey EldonGilligan North Barn953-967
Palmer, MatthewReining Adequan3-13, 38-48
Parke, CatherineReining Adequan998-999, 1008
Partners For Progress NFP Voinovich/Beef Barn1-12
Patterson, TraceyAdequan623-630, 657-665
Paul, Judd DGilligan South Barn1375-1404
Payne, HeatherGilligan North Barn195-197, 236-238
Peachy Clean TackGilligan North Barn46, 63
Pedersen, Morgan BVoinovich/Beef Barn363-364
Pelletier, DanyReining Adequan978-979, 1025-1026
Pesicek, AprilAdequan897, 902
Pfeifer, Katherine AO'Neil/Swine Barn11, 30
Pfeil, Kim MAdequan636-637
Pickard, Amber HansonBuckeye Barn213-228, 240-256
Pierce, CaseyReining Adequan832-834, 861-862
Pierno, JessicaO'Neil/Swine Barn245
Pierson, JaceyBuckeye Barn135
Pile, Marc JO'Neil/Swine Barn349-350, 367-369
Pilgrim, Larry M Or Judith AVoinovich/Beef Barn168, 173
Piper, ChadAdequan212-222, 227-237
Pittman, RandeAdequan790, 801-802
Pitts, BradBuckeye Barn105-113, 183-191
Plowman, JohnReining Adequan889
Pogue, Jenell Gilligan North Barn626-632, 645-651
Poisel, FaythBuckeye Barn93-94
Pollard, LaurenNorth Commercial57-59
Pope, GavinO'Neil/Swine Barn5-7, 34-37
Potter, MarkAdequan876, 878-879, 920-921
Prater, HallieGilligan North Barn127
Price, KoleAdequan832-834
Price, KoleReining Adequan442-448, 468-473
Priest, EricAdequan650
Priest, EricReining Adequan688-696
Puthoff, Lynne MAg & Hort192-206
Rafacz, MarkReining Adequan356-363, 374-381
Rapley, Michael BAdequan535-541, 555-560
Rapley, MikeBuckeye Barn138
Rapp, AliciaReining Adequan1002-1005
Ray, ChadReining Adequan734-737, 750-752
Rea, RustyO'Neil/Swine Barn99-105, 107-114
Reams, Stephen CAg & Hort134-146
Recchiuti, Donnie JGilligan North Barn470-490
Reddish, CindyAdequan741-745, 847
Reinebach, BritneyReining Adequan790-792, 799-801
Rice, ChrisReining Adequan364-373
Rice, Nicole LGilligan North Barn776-783, 818-825
Rob Meneely, LLC, Rob MeneelyGilligan North Barn849-852
Roberts, Alyse BAg & Hort56-81
Robertson, TomGilligan North Barn830-837, 864-872
Roper, IndyReining Adequan638-648
Rosciti Quarter Horses LLC Voinovich/Beef Barn91-93, 111-114
Rose, KatieReining Adequan948-954
Rosenfeld, Robert AReining Adequan399
Ross, AnnReining Adequan941
Roth, DVM, Dr AlisonVoinovich/Beef Barn169-172
Roush, AustinReining Adequan583-587, 605-608
Roux, Sara EReining Adequan939
Rutter, NaomiReining Adequan823, 872-873
Saki, MarissaAdequan845
Sanborn, DanielReining Adequan987-990, 1015-1018
Santos, VincienzoReining Adequan221-227
Sapp, KellyReining Adequan620-629, 659-667
Sargent, Bennie TBuckeye Barn76-82
Sargent, Tabitha LAdequan924-925
Sargent, Tabitha LReining Adequan925
Sauder, Steven EVoinovich/Beef Barn13-17
Schaefer, Joan PReining Adequan124-132
Schaffhauser, SamReining Adequan212-217, 233-237
Schmidt, Julie ABuckeye Barn181-182
Schnell, RaeganGilligan North Barn784, 943-945, 974-976
Schoeller, RobinReining Adequan254-259, 286-292
Scholten, TristaAdequan814
Schooler, Beckey JGilligan North Barn461-467, 494-500, 511
Schramm, JillO'Neil/Swine Barn95, 118
Schreiber, KateO'Neil/Swine Barn71
Schwarz, PatrickReining Adequan218-220, 228-232
Seaman, Andrew TylerReining Adequan438-439, 476-478
Searidge Farms Inc Gilligan North Barn1-8, 47-62
Sever, TammyO'Neil/Swine Barn167-171, 177-182
Shafer, AmandaBuckeye Barn43-46
Sheets, TommyReining Adequan479
Sheffer, Rosie AAdequan249-252, 294-296
Shepard Jr, RichardGilligan North Barn262-264, 277-280
Sherwin, HermReining Adequan57-59, 94-96
Shetler, MelissaAdequan364-373
Shotts, HannaO'Neil/Swine Barn199, 216
Shuster, RuthBuckeye Barn165
Shymanski, Rachel MillerAg & Hort128-129
Sinclair, ChelseaAdequan828, 866-867
Sliss, Saul DBuckeye Barn288-298, 342-347
Sloas, KevinAdequan874-875
Smart Like Juice Inc. Reining Adequan728-730, 757-759
Smith, BeejayGilligan North Barn829
Smith, Colton EO'Neil/Swine Barn13-18, 21-27
Smith, DeweyGilligan North Barn414-424, 429-439
Smith, Kristy LeeReining Adequan491-494, 505-512
Smith, Roger FReining Adequan604, 631-637, 651-656
Soderberg, LindsayGilligan North Barn826-828, 874-877
Sojda, MeghanAdequan773-774, 817-818
Sommers, ToddAdequan404-405
Sommers, ToddReining Adequan406-409
Southern Ohio QHANorth Commercial93
Spagnola, EugeneGilligan South Barn1259-1272, 1275-1288
Specht, PattiAdequan898-901
Stanco, JoeAdequan300-307, 334-342
Starnes Jr, Jackie C "Jay"Ag & Hort114-122, 159-168
Staton, Andrew VoightGilligan North Barn873, 892-896, 913-917
Stein, JenniferBuckeye Barn200-205, 264-268
Stoelting, JosephBuckeye Barn136
Stoltz, Jeffrey & TammyReining Adequan822
Stratton, RonaldGilligan North Barn838-848, 853-863
Street, RachelReining Adequan843-845, 851-852
Strunk, Ryan CAdequan718-720, 767-769
Sullivan, KaytlynnBuckeye Barn142
Sullivan, TeresaAdequan345-347, 389-392
Sunday, JessicaAdequan770-772, 820-821
Susman, GiladReining Adequan783-785, 806-808, 887
Swartz, Bobi JoBuckeye Barn206
Taylor, Alexis RAdequan393, 437
Thomas, BethBuckeye Barn141
Thomas, NatashaReining Adequan679-684, 700-704
Thomas, ReidGilligan South Barn1430-1459
Thompson, TraceyO'Neil/Swine Barn194, 221
Thompson, Travis NathanielGilligan North Barn244-249, 291-295
Thyfault, Melissa AVoinovich/Beef Barn96-109
Tillman, TriciaReining Adequan980-983, 1022-1024
Tincher, BrentGilligan North Barn349-361, 388-399
Tincher, Marley JayneGilligan North Barn42-45, 64-67
Topper, RayAdequan885-886, 913-914
Torpey, JasonAdequan547
Torpey, JasonReining Adequan495, 504
Trein, DanGilligan North Barn137-149, 176-187
Triple R Stables, NathanReining Adequan962
Troyer, Marion EAdequan253-259, 286-292
Tucker, Margaux MicheleO'Neil/Swine Barn8-10, 32-33
Tumey, Kelsey AGilligan North Barn190-194, 239-243
Tyler, BethanyReining Adequan923
Vaughan, ShaneReining Adequan770-771, 820-821
Veldman Parks, Carly LGilligan South Barn1472-1473, 1524-1526, 1528-1563
Vickery, BruceGilligan South Barn1101, 1143-1153, 1162-1172
Wadds, GordonVoinovich/Beef Barn256, 288-289
Wagner, DavidAdequan639-647
Walker, Shannon MVoinovich/Beef Barn154-167, 174-187
Wallace, CalistaReining Adequan896, 903-904
Walquist, BruceGilligan North Barn788-792, 808-813
Walter, DanielleAdequan822-823, 872-873
Walter, Kimberly CBuckeye Barn116-126, 171-180
Walters, Brett DReining Adequan774-776, 815-817
Walters, KatyeO'Neil/Swine Barn98
Walton, JaridReining Adequan838-839, 855-857
Warda, Michelle McCarthyGilligan North Barn619-625, 652-657
Wasser, BrendaO'Neil/Swine Barn127-128
Watson, JamieVoinovich/Beef Barn18-23, 46-51
Waymire, SaraReining Adequan725-727, 760-762
Weaver, RickReining Adequan109-111, 145-148
Weber, Joseph MikeReining Adequan827-828, 868
Weber, Lindsey KReining Adequan824-825, 871
Weeks, GaryGilligan North Barn265, 276
Weis, BlakeVoinovich/Beef Barn188-198, 212-221
Weis, KendraVoinovich/Beef Barn29-39
Weitzel, RicAdequan542-543
Welhouse, JenniferBuckeye Barn154-158
Welhouse, JennyBuckeye Barn159-162
Whaley, CarlaAdequan849-850
Wheeler, Joy LVoinovich/Beef Barn120-125, 148-153
Whitten, DawnO'Neil/Swine Barn390, 414-415
Wiesemann, RachelAdequan1000-1007
Wilkens, MaddieBuckeye Barn114-115
Wilkins, MaddieBuckeye Barn139
Williams, DukeAdequan438-442, 474-478
Williams, Kylee MarieO'Neil/Swine Barn195-196, 219-220
Willis, TracyReining Adequan265, 280
Wilson, RandyAg & Hort1-17
Winkleman, John JaredReining Adequan551-552
Winter, AdamO'Neil/Swine Barn351-354, 364-366, 394-400, 407-412
Winter, CourtneyO'Neil/Swine Barn355-363, 401-406
Wisely, EricVoinovich/Beef Barn330
Wolfe, DerekBuckeye Barn71
Wright, MelissaO'Neil/Swine Barn234, 251
Wyman, Donna MAdequan791, 799-800
Yamber, TrishaGilligan South Barn1242-1250, 1298-1302
Yelch, Sarah GReining Adequan885-886
Yoder, Ashley KristineO'Neil/Swine Barn50-51, 75
Yoder, ElizabethReining Adequan572-582, 609-619
Yoder, MelvinAdequan572-582, 609-621, 666-667
Young, Shane GO'Neil/Swine Barn336-338, 378-389, 416-422
Zaccheo, DanielleBuckeye Barn348-350
Zeitler, Mark AAdequan348-355, 382-388
Zimmerman, SpencerAdequan314-327
Zuidema, TimGilligan South Barn1027-1038, 1045-1056