All American Quarter Horse Congress Stall Assignments

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Manure Policy

Help us GO GREEN in 2019 - Congress has a new Licensed Recycling Service that will recycle our manure provided it is a pure organic product, free of trash and medical related items.

Help us GO GREEN by following the below requirements:

Fire Safety and Animal Protection

Help us comply with the Ohio State Fire Marshal's code in order to keep horses and exhibitors safe.

The State Fire Marshall will require the following:
  1. Stalling areas/Stall Build-outs/Covered Stalls:
    1. Fully functioning smoke detector
    2. Fully functioning ABC-rated (5 lb.) fire extinguisher
    3. All wall hangings, fabric, or other decorative materials shall be made of flame resistant or non-combustible materials.
    4. Do not construct anything that creates new fire hazards, such as building too close to existing electric lines or up against combustible materials, or block open access to essential life safety system components like sprinkler valves and pipe/hose connections.
    5. Use Commercial grade extension cords instead of residential cords. Do not overload extension cords or daisy chain extension cords to each other.
    6. Three feet clearance must be maintained between sprinkler heads and the top of covered stalls.
    7. No open flames

  2. General Safety:
    1. No smoking inside any building, tent or near any manure piles.
    2. Do not block any fire extinguisher, interior exit, door, aisle or hallways, or outside fire lane.
    3. Do not store propane tanks without proper safeguards.
    4. Do not allow hay, unused/discarded construction materials, animal care items and additional combustible materials to pile up anywhere.

For the latest news/update o Vesicular Stomatitis, click here.

Adams, Donald OReining Adequan574-575, 617-619
Adams, Tayler S North Commercial68-69, 81
Adkins, RickO'Neil/Swine Barn348-349, 392-393
Agnew, Daniel & GavonnaCutting South Commercial329-330
Ainsworth, ClintGilligan North Barn734-759
Allen, Marcus JrReining Adequan590
Allen, RayReining Adequan157, 195-196
Anderson, Rebecca MO'Neil/Swine Barn399-402
Applegett, Allison MAdequan950-953
Archer, David Gilligan South Barn1148-1154, 1170-1177
Arrington, ChristieO'Neil/Swine Barn247-254, 256-262
Arrowood, John JrCutting North Commercial87
Ash, StacyCutting Poultry Barn590
Aspra, JenniferO'Neil/Swine Barn314-315, 332-333
Augenstein, Angela DNorth Commercial92
Augsburger, Andrew JAg & Hort110-122, 159-170
Auslander, DaleGilligan South Barn1036-1037
Ayers Jr, Stan ECutting Poultry Barn567
Ayotte, Rebecca HawBuckeye Barn139, 157-158
Bacon, Shannon McCullochAdequan631-633, 654-656
Bagby, TanaReining Adequan846-850
Baker, BrianAdequan212-218, 231-237
Baker, Dawn MAdequan177-178, 219-230
Baker, Elizabeth MGilligan North Barn403-407, 448-452
Baker, J ColeGilligan North Barn408-413, 440-447
Baker, RickGilligan North Barn36-41, 68-73
Baldridge, NancyNorth Commercial134
Baldwin, Christa LAdequan443-448, 468-473
Ballard, JakeReining Adequan306-307, 334
Barger, GormanAg & Hort36-39, 99-101
Barnes, Vera JaneNorth Commercial57
Barnwell, RamseyCutting North Commercial93-95
Bauer, RoyCutting Poultry Barn584-588
Baxter, GingerGilligan South Barn1373-1375
Baxter, GingerReining Adequan594-596
Beal, Nicole SAdequan583-587, 604-608
Bean, Mary AliceReining Adequan204-206, 243-245
Becker, James O'Neil/Swine Barn271-276, 293-297
Beckman, TerraGilligan North Barn725
Beishlag, ChristyAdequan1000-1007
Bell, Brian Reining Adequan524-525, 570-571
Beller DDS, David IReining Adequan597
Bergantzel, Jess AlbionVoinovich/Beef Barn246-258
Bergstresser, Daniel RGilligan North Barn480-482
Bernatowicz, Sarah JGilligan North Barn560-563, 606-613, 663-665
Berryhill, Leonard LeeAdequan205-211, 238-243
Bertolani, FrancoReining Adequan211, 238-239
Binegar, Jamie GrimmNorth Commercial70, 79-80
Bingham, BillCutting South Commercial326-328
Black, WadeGilligan South Barn1542-1548
Blyden, JoshGilligan South Barn1340-1345
Boebel, KatherineCutting South Commercial303
Bogart, DeanGilligan South Barn1076-1087, 1118-1128
Bogart, Doug EReining Adequan310-313, 328-330
Bollenbacher, JoniCutting North Commercial78
Bomberger, DerekO'Neil/Swine Barn6-7, 36-39
Bond, BrookeNorth Commercial135
Bonner, NikkiAdequan618-619
Boon, LisaReining Adequan495, 504-505
Born, TravisAdequan1-3, 48-50
Bouchard, BarbaraReining Adequan299-302, 339-343
Bourgeois, RhealCutting North Commercial156
Bowen, William Reining Adequan52-61, 92-100
Bowman, MichaelCutting North Commercial65-70, 84, 165-166
Bowman, MikeGilligan South Barn1160-1165
Boxell, John Gilligan North Barn24, 102-115
Bradford, LaineReining Adequan529, 565-566
Bradley, ClarkReining Adequan685-697
Bradshaw, TerryGilligan North Barn891, 918-931
Braham, TammyAdequan638-649
Branch, RobinCutting North Commercial41-43
Branham, DennisCutting South Commercial240-241
Brant, BrandonReining Adequan345-355, 382-391
Breaking Free Therapeutic Riding CenterVoinovich/Beef Barn11-12
Briere, PierreVoinovich/Beef Barn169-192
Briggs, ChuckAdequan53-63, 90-100
Britt, JasonCutting South Commercial251-252, 272-273, 277
Britton, BlakeGilligan North Barn564-571, 598-605
Broekema, RhondaReining Adequan545-546, 550
Brooks, ColeAdequan620, 667
Brown, DeanReining Adequan6-13, 38-44
Brown, JeffreyCutting North Commercial61, 88
Brown, SandraCutting Poultry Barn526-528
Brown, Scott And LauraCutting South Commercial331
Brown, ShaunaReining Adequan404-409
Brown, TonyaAdequan308-311, 331-333
Bruner, MadisonO'Neil/Swine Barn313, 334
Bryant, CTCutting South Commercial236-237, 285-287
Bryant, TanceCutting Poultry Barn564-566
Bryner, AlexandriaO'Neil/Swine Barn277-283, 285-292
Bunn, Gayle DBuckeye Barn310-311, 331-333
Burris, TonyReining Adequan741-746
Burrough, AliceReining Adequan535, 560
Burton, Jennifer AAdequan574-582, 609-617
Bush, MeganReining Adequan676
Byerly, Donald Keith Gilligan North Barn19-21
Byrd, Chris & MelissaGilligan North Barn723-724, 768-770
Cannizzaro, Angie RigdonGilligan North Barn532-534, 586-597
Cannizzaro, CharlesGilligan North Barn572-585
Cappel, DennisCutting South Commercial245-246
Carmean, RayBuckeye Barn223-226, 243-245
Carr, Timothy RO'Neil/Swine Barn203-209, 226-232
Carrick, DebbieO'Neil/Swine Barn358, 383
Cauble, Brett BaileyCutting North Commercial25-31
Cecil, RickAdequan300-307, 334-341
Ceddia, Keith AReining Adequan263-266, 279-282
Chafin, Jim JrO'Neil/Swine Barn14-28
Chapman , Dutch Reining Adequan19-32
Chatterton, SteveCutting North Commercial50
Chilcott, Carissa Dawn RuthReining Adequan602
Childers, Miya DO'Neil/Swine Barn244-246, 263-264
Christopher, Connie RGilligan North Barn669-671, 714-715
Christy, KelleyAdequan17
Cimochowski, Stacy AO'Neil/Swine Barn367-374
Clark, Amber EReining Adequan775-782, 809-817
Clark, Brett AVoinovich/Beef Barn27-47
Clason, HankAg & Hort18-34
Clay-Rouch, YvetteGilligan South Barn1376-1377, 1429
Claypool, MatthewGilligan North Barn680-705
Cleveland, AmandaVoinovich/Beef Barn1-5
Clyne, TimReining Adequan540
Cochran, Andy Gilligan South Barn1139-1147, 1178-1187
Cochran, JeffAdequan260-271, 274-285
Cohen, JoelCutting North Commercial117
Colbert, Pamela SueGilligan North Barn672, 713
Cole, Charlie IGilligan South Barn1313-1314, 1371-1372, 1378-1387, 1418-1428
Coleman, NedCutting South Commercial243-244, 279
Colopy, JimCutting Poultry Barn589
Colvin, Carolyn GReining Adequan788-789, 803-804
Colvin, Michael R Gilligan North Barn56-62
Conway, RobertCutting South Commercial369-370
Cook Douglas, MelaineO'Neil/Swine Barn310, 337
Cook, JamesReining Adequan608
Costanza, Margaret MaryAdequan929
Cottingim, Ryan MGilligan North Barn935-945, 974-984
Cox, Brian EBuckeye Barn278-285, 353-362
Cox, EvelynCutting South Commercial238
Cox, Maggie MBuckeye Barn286-288, 350-352
Crain, LonReining Adequan582
Croel, SeptemberGilligan North Barn33-35, 74-76
Cross, Terry LGilligan North Barn522-531
Cumbo, NicoleReining Adequan681, 701-702
Cumper, BradAdequan153-154, 199-200
Cumper, BradGilligan South Barn1039-1047
Cumper, BradReining Adequan153-154, 199-200
Curl-Holbin, ShannonAdequan116-120, 136-141
Cutsforth, TammyReining Adequan606
Daggy, CherylAdequan996-997, 1009-1011
Daggy, CherylReining Adequan79
Dakan, JoeCutting Poultry Barn591
Daley, Thomas FReining Adequan668, 715-717
Danek-Downey, Rebecca LNorth Commercial159
Daniels, Jessica AnnReining Adequan723-730, 757-763
Dare, RockyReining Adequan631-632, 656
Dare, RustyReining Adequan171-172, 181-182
Daudlin, KerryNorth Commercial74
Daugird, AlexisO'Neil/Swine Barn309, 338
Daurer, Millisa KVoinovich/Beef Barn379-383, 410-414
Davidson, Adrianna LynnReining Adequan585
Davis, Bradey Cutting South Commercial332-339
Davis, Pamela KNorth Commercial136
Davis, SharonReining Adequan221-228
Davis, WayneGilligan South Barn1028-1035, 1049-1057
De Brouwer, MikeReining Adequan319-322
Dean, BobbyReining Adequan835-840, 855-860
Deary, CaseyReining Adequan260-262, 283-285
DeBoer, Lainie MAdequan20-30
DeBorde, Kathy JoCutting North Commercial82
DeFreitas, PeterReining Adequan119-123, 134-138
Delange, Amy And MichaelCutting North Commercial182-184
Delange, TylerCutting North Commercial185
Derr, Shelby LReining Adequan308-309, 331-333
Dessureault, JaniqueAdequan345, 392
Dewar, AndrewAdequan72-81
DeWitt, CrystalCutting North Commercial134
Diamond, Sarah North Commercial71-72, 78
Diano, GabrielReining Adequan155-156, 197-198
Diaz, KelliGilligan South Barn1253-1255, 1310-1312
Dickerson, Donnie MGilligan South Barn1558-1570
Diehl, MaddyGilligan North Barn295
Dipaoleaux, RobertCutting North Commercial86
Dow, SummerCutting North Commercial77
Doyle, Victoria LBuckeye Barn60
Drake, BobVoinovich/Beef Barn6-7
Drinkall, Jenny MAdequan984-990, 1015-1020
Dudley, JimReining Adequan438-440, 477-478
Duff, SteveCutting North Commercial135-136
Dukes, Kevin TVoinovich/Beef Barn388-404
Dunn, MikeAg & Hort131-132, 149-150
Dunne, Susan RCutting South Commercial260
Earl, Kevin JGilligan North Barn82-86, 132-135
Edwards, EllieReining Adequan586
Ehringer, KimReining Adequan365-366, 371-372
Elrod, Tyrell EAdequan524-534, 561-571
Enderle, MichelleCutting North Commercial158
English, Jamie AO'Neil/Swine Barn107-113, 116-122
English, Jason TO'Neil/Swine Barn60-75, 114
Eno, RebeccaNorth Commercial75
Entz, ZekeCutting South Commercial304-306, 374-376
Epis, LorisReining Adequan576-578, 613-616
Erhardt, Amy JoGilligan North Barn158-159, 166-167
Erickson, Jerry DAdequan4-13, 38-47
Erwin, WaltCutting Poultry Barn488-494, 551-558
Evans, ChadVoinovich/Beef Barn127-135, 154-162
Everett, RaeCutting Poultry Barn563
Falk, Edward A IIBuckeye Barn203-205, 264-267
Faulkner, Joshua GO'Neil/Swine Barn351-355, 386-390
Felger, PatriceNorth Commercial156-157
Ferreir, DebbyCutting South Commercial363-366
Flarida, Matthew MReining Adequan315-316, 325
Flarida, Shawn WReining Adequan64-73, 80-89
Flatter, Kyle RGilligan North Barn636-642
Fleetwood, RickReining Adequan791-793, 798-800
Flint, JillNorth Commercial142, 155
Floyd, BarbaraReining Adequan527-528, 567
Forehand, Tom WAdequan253-259, 286-292
Foster, BarbReining Adequan269-276
Frazier, Teah PReining Adequan770-773, 818-821
Frid, JennyGilligan South Barn1223-1226
Frid, Robin J C Gilligan South Barn1208-1222, 1227-1237
Friedli, KarlaO'Neil/Swine Barn240-241, 268-269
Fritch, RyanReining Adequan415-418
Frye, ScottAdequan975-977
Furlong-Byrne, DebraAdequan822-829, 865-873
Galyean, GilGilligan South Barn1500-1512, 1518-1529
Gann, ToddCutting Poultry Barn577-583
Garcia, QuintanaReining Adequan158-159, 194
Gardy, JamieBuckeye Barn137-138, 159-160
Garringer, BrentGilligan North Barn513-521
Gates, KellyCutting South Commercial262-263
Geiger, Jeff O'Neil/Swine Barn173-174, 191-193
Gentile, JesseReining Adequan541-544, 551-554
Gibson, BerryCutting North Commercial111
Gildein, HelenReining Adequan314, 326-327
Gill, Wesley Reining Adequan537, 558
Gillespie, ShannonBuckeye Barn127-134, 163-170
Gilliam, Jason LBuckeye Barn13-17, 21-28
Gillispie, ReneeCutting Poultry Barn537-541
Gipson, MariahReining Adequan496-497, 503
Giumenti, Nicole Adequan14-16, 33-37
Gooden, SteveReining Adequan591, 600
Gooding, GarthVoinovich/Beef Barn19-25, 48-54
Gordon, JoeCutting North Commercial20-21
Gouthro, MattReining Adequan579-581, 610-612
Graham, BlakeCutting South Commercial258-259, 264-265
Grant, Meagan BenoitGilligan North Barn14-18
Grant, ToddGilligan North Barn950-970
Grasman, JoeCutting North Commercial112-116
Gray, Christopher AVoinovich/Beef Barn204-229
Greaves, Jeff RGilligan North Barn673-679, 706-712
Green, RustyAg & Hort105-109, 171-191
Green, TaraGilligan South Barn1013-1018, 1067-1073
Gregory, AmandaBuckeye Barn54-58
Griffin, BrianCutting North Commercial96
Griffith, AshleyGilligan South Barn1097-1098, 1107
Griffith, OllieReining Adequan493-494, 506
Groff, Dillon JGilligan North Barn269-272
Guyer, AnnaGilligan North Barn294
Habighorst, Vernon HGilligan North Barn160-165
Haines, AlexisReining Adequan103-104
Hale, JimVoinovich/Beef Barn8-9
Hall, MarieGilligan North Barn240
Hallas, MadisonAdequan939-949, 955-964
Halvey, BobbieAdequan954
Hamilton, DaleGilligan North Barn244-246, 348-353, 396-402
Hanscome, Derek PAdequan496-497, 502
Hansen, Micah LO'Neil/Swine Barn300-308, 339-347
Hanssen-Keyes, AmyAdequan930-938, 965-974
Harper, KariBuckeye Barn289-292, 348-349
Harrell, Mark EGilligan North Barn251-257, 284-291
Harris, Julian TAdequan535-541, 555-560
Harris, McKenzieNorth Commercial152
Harrison, CaitlinReining Adequan498, 501-502
Hartranft, ScottCutting North Commercial79-80
Hatten, BillAdequan898-901
Hawkins, Cheryl E Harvey Reining Adequan249
Hays, KristiBuckeye Barn61-70
Hays, Shawn GBuckeye Barn293-294, 347
Heeley, PatrickAg & Hort40-51, 87-98
Helton, SaraGilligan South Barn1334
Hephner, Megan RossCutting Poultry Barn561-562
Heritage, KeithCutting Poultry Barn559-560
Herrin, Catherine ENorth Commercial65, 83-84
Herwald, JamieGilligan North Barn28-32, 77-81
Hetterich, JacquelineBuckeye Barn227-228, 241-242
Hewitt, Alfred HAg & Hort192-198
Hill, BradReining Adequan672, 711
Hill, Bradley SReining Adequan455-462
Hill, JenniferO'Neil/Swine Barn284
Hill,BrittanyNorth Commercial145-146
Himelick, HeatherBuckeye Barn18-20
Himes, Jonathan DO'Neil/Swine Barn8-11, 29-35
Himsel, Barbara Cutting South Commercial227
Hinely, KellieO'Neil/Swine Barn48-52, 83-86
Hochstein, MylaCutting North Commercial180
Hoffman, AlonnaO'Neil/Swine Barn311, 336
Hoffman, HilaryAdequan998-999, 1008
Holdren, JamieReining Adequan601
Holland, ChelseaReining Adequan539, 556
Holliday, DavidO'Neil/Swine Barn361, 380
Hollingsworth, Melissa JoAdequan830-834, 861-864
Honey, JeffReining Adequan484-485, 517-518
Hooper, Tiffany NicoleAdequan51-52, 101-102
Hornick, Ty MGilligan North Barn468-478, 483-493
Houser, Katie MaeGilligan North Barn899-900
Hover, HollyAdequan545-550
Howell, AlisonCutting South Commercial253-255, 269-271
Hoyt, Thomas WReining Adequan164-167, 186-189
Hudon, JoeCutting South Commercial322-324
Hughes, Kyle GGilligan North Barn666-668, 716-719
Hughes, LaurieBuckeye Barn154-155
Hulsey, JohnCutting South Commercial256-257, 266-268
Hutchinson, KaitlinGilligan North Barn424-429
Hyser, Nancy SCutting South Commercial351-353
Inchiostro, KenBuckeye Barn312, 330
Irion, Jessi RO'Neil/Swine Barn138-139, 165-167
Jackson, Amanda LaurenGilligan South Barn1553-1557, 1571-1575
Jackson, Mary BethCutting South Commercial280
Jacobs, JessicaCutting South Commercial344-345
Jadin, Kelly M Adequan438-440, 476-478
James, DanReining Adequan678, 705-706
Janssen, SusanNorth Commercial140-141
Jarabek, MartinGilligan North Barn212, 221
Jenks, LesleyO'Neil/Swine Barn320-321, 326-328
Jewett, Brad AGilligan North Barn91-95, 122-126
Johnson, JessicaAdequan393-403, 427-437
Johnson, RandalO'Neil/Swine Barn200-201, 235
Johnson, Robert DReining Adequan638-649
Johnson, Sean Reining Adequan479-480, 486-488, 514-516
Jones, ChrisBuckeye Barn4-12, 29-38
Jones, Denise LCutting South Commercial289-290
Jones, E TCutting South Commercial346-348
Jones, Kyle JO'Neil/Swine Barn1-5, 40-44
Kail, RyanGilligan South Barn1155-1157, 1167-1169
Kamm, Jacob AReining Adequan677
Kanary, Gene R.O'Neil/Swine Barn312, 335
Kauffman, AshleyNorth Commercial62-63
Kauffman, Scott SAdequan64-71, 82-89
Kearns, Brad WGilligan North Barn258-264, 278-283
Kearns, ValerieGilligan South Barn1492-1499, 1530-1536
Keller, DonGilligan North Barn509-512
Kennedy, KarenAdequan543, 551-552
Kernen, SeonnaBuckeye Barn346
Kidd, BillyCutting North Commercial177
Kiko, LoriCutting North Commercial126-127
King, JenniferGilligan South Barn1335-1336
King, RJGilligan South Barn1434-1443, 1474-1482
Kinser, TimothyO'Neil/Swine Barn356, 385
Kirkendall, WhitneyCutting South Commercial288
Klaus, RickBuckeye Barn317-326
Kling, HeidiVoinovich/Beef Barn371-375
Knabenshue, Will LGilligan North Barn617-625, 652-661
Knapp, EvanGilligan South Barn1456-1460
Knaus, PeggyAdequan244
Kreimeyer, MicheleBuckeye Barn71-76
Kroll, Lisa Ann Buckeye Barn313-316, 327-329
Kutie, SteveReining Adequan673-675, 707-710
Kuttler, William C JrCutting North Commercial137
Lagace, Whitney AVoinovich/Beef Barn95-121
Lakins, Ashley LynneVoinovich/Beef Barn56-62, 83-89
Lakins, Kenneth D JrVoinovich/Beef Barn63-82, 90
Lambing, ValerieReining Adequan598
Landis, RogerGilligan South Barn1328-1333, 1353-1357
Landry, Edward Reining Adequan584
Lane, MarindaReining Adequan1-2, 49-50
Langford, John DReining Adequan510-512
Lantz, MorganGilligan North Barn247-250, 292-293
LaRose, CarolynGilligan North Barn190-193, 241-243
Larsen, AndrewCutting South Commercial223-225, 297-300
LaSusa, ColtonGilligan North Barn726-733, 760-767
Lauzon, Andre JReining Adequan220, 229
Lavelle, John PCutting North Commercial22-24, 51-56
Law, Amanda Cutting South Commercial354-355
Law, Cheryl Cutting South Commercial325
Layer, Austin SBuckeye Barn201-202, 268-269
Leckey, Jennifer LVoinovich/Beef Barn199-203, 231-234
Lee, Brian AVoinovich/Beef Barn235-245, 260-270
Leek, RickGilligan North Barn946-949, 971-973
Leggett-Tidwell, ReneeAdequan794-797, 847
Lehmann, BrittanyNorth Commercial153-154
Lehn, TroyGilligan South Barn1257-1267, 1298-1308
Lenhart, ChrisO'Neil/Swine Barn350, 391, 398
Leonhart, Alexandra RaeReining Adequan526, 568-569
Lewandowski, MarcyVoinovich/Beef Barn384-387, 405-409
Lewis, Christina MNorth Commercial82
Lewis, Richard LCutting South Commercial377-378
Lines, SandraCutting South Commercial311-312
Little, Chris Cutting South Commercial247-248
Longworth, Erin MO'Neil/Swine Barn270, 298-299
Loyd, AlexisGilligan North Barn535-536
Luebben, Bradley S Gilligan North Barn548-559
Luther, Mary Adequan441-442, 474-475
Lyons, StephanieCutting North Commercial151
Mace, Steve LAdequan249-252, 293-296
Mahabir, MichelleReining Adequan364, 373
Malm, Martha LNorth Commercial137
Mancini, LeeReining Adequan490-491, 509
Manion, AnnBuckeye Barn295-296, 345
Manor, Heather DCutting North Commercial81
Marbry, Steven WReining Adequan168-170, 183-185
Marciak, KathyO'Neil/Swine Barn170-172, 194-195
Mariann Harrington/Joseph PrauseAdequan484-489, 513-518
Martin, Benjamin RayBuckeye Barn140-141, 156
Martin, Don Buckeye Barn135-136, 161-162
Martin, JasonGilligan South Barn1315-1327, 1358-1370
Martinotti, FrancescoReining Adequan160, 193
Marx, KarenVoinovich/Beef Barn347-349
Massey, MikeAdequan103-106, 152
Masterson, Marilyn TGilligan North Barn96-101, 116-121
Mathes, GretchenGilligan South Barn1166, 1276-1288
Matteson, JenniferCutting North Commercial172
Maxwell, BrentGilligan North Barn334-346
Maxwell, Melissa MillerGilligan North Barn296-307
Mayabb, NickVoinovich/Beef Barn350-370
Maynard, Donald G JrReining Adequan841-843, 852-854
Mcallister, Tami D AdamsAdequan592-599
McCarver, Zach VReining Adequan609
McColley, Travis MReining Adequan734-738, 749-753
McCutcheon, TomReining Adequan161-163, 190-192
McDonald, C WayneCutting South Commercial242, 281
McDonough, KeithAdequan121-124, 133-135
Mcdowell, MichelleReining Adequan588
McElyea, ChrisReining Adequan451-454, 463-466
McFarland, Scott D Reining Adequan629-630, 657-659
McGee, Regina HReining Adequan14-16, 35-37
McGrath, Paul DReining Adequan589
McKillips, Dodie HowardBuckeye Barn1-3, 39-53
McLendon, Farley MO'Neil/Swine Barn145-160, 181-184
McMillian, MikeGilligan North Barn42-46, 63-67
Meadows, SteveReining Adequan633-637, 650-654
Meek, DebbieCutting South Commercial226
Mehl, Cyndi North Commercial161
Meilleur, JonathanO'Neil/Swine Barn100-106, 123-129
Merritt, Garry LCutting North Commercial48
Mesalam, RandyCutting North Commercial92
Michels, JustinReining Adequan116-118, 139-141
Mier, Alexa KayNorth Commercial160
Miller, AshlynCutting South Commercial316
Miller, JacobO'Neil/Swine Barn45-46, 89-90
Miller, Keith L JrBuckeye Barn192-200, 270-277
Miller, Kimberly JCutting North Commercial168
Miller, Nicole YCutting North Commercial204
Miller, WesleyCutting South Commercial261
Minnich-Schlegel, KarleneCutting South Commercial291
Minor, BonnieVoinovich/Beef Barn343-346, 376-378
Minshall, ShawnCutting North Commercial140-141
Mitchell, RandyVoinovich/Beef Barn163-166, 195-198
Mitchell, Steven LO'Neil/Swine Barn322-325
Montes, Anthony AAdequan312-330, 368
Montgomery, KristaGilligan South Barn1430-1433, 1483-1486
Montgomery, MontyO'Neil/Swine Barn142-144, 161-162
Moody, Jeff SBuckeye Barn299-308, 336-341
Moore, CaseyCutting North Commercial7-10
Moore, RickeyVoinovich/Beef Barn311-314, 336-338
Moosmann, JudyO'Neil/Swine Barn53-59, 76-82
Moran, SandrahReining Adequan51
Morgan, Sandra Voinovich/Beef Barn55
Morton, Nathan LReining Adequan413-414, 419-420
Moses, AaronGilligan South Barn1074-1075, 1129-1138, 1188-1193, 1252
Mullins, Jason WesleyGilligan South Barn1337-1339, 1346
Murphy, JoshReining Adequan201-203, 246-248
Murphy, JulieGilligan North Barn265-268, 273-277
Myers, MackenzieReining Adequan670
Myers, Suzanne Reining Adequan538, 557
Nati, MorganReining Adequan605
Nelson, Nicholas RReining Adequan441-448, 468-476
Ness, Rebecca LAg & Hort35, 102
Newberry, MikhalAdequan588-591, 600-603
Newcomb, Jill GomesGilligan North Barn362-387
Newnham, JonReining Adequan499
Nguyen, VuCutting North Commercial157
Nordquist, ElizabethO'Neil/Swine Barn403-404, 431-432
Norleen, Jennifer LGilligan North Barn154-157, 168-171
O'Brien, Arthur JAg & Hort199-206
O'Connor Jr, GeraldCutting North Commercial64, 85
O'Connor, NathanReining Adequan607
O'Malley, Mary CaitlynAdequan572-573
O'Neill, Mark AO'Neil/Swine Barn255
O'Rourke, Kaci JoReining Adequan671, 712
Oakley, TateGilligan South Barn1549-1552, 1576-1578
Ogni, ShawnCutting South Commercial239, 283-284
Overstreet, BrittanyCutting South Commercial313-315
Overstreet, SharonCutting North Commercial118-119, 178-179
Painter, Ryan LAdequan158-163, 190-196
Pait, E H JrAdequan790, 801-802
Pait, Jeffrey EldonGilligan North Barn788-792, 809-813
Palmer, Matthew N Reining Adequan76-77, 111-115, 142-145
Parker, Erin NCutting South Commercial276
Parker, Victoria HoltAdequan991-995, 1012-1014
Parks, Carly L VeldmanVoinovich/Beef Barn280-296
Parrish, BretGilligan North Barn195-203, 230-238
Parsons, BretCutting North Commercial1-5
Patricy-Crofoot, Jamie LeeAdequan896-897, 902
Patterson, LaurenAdequan479-483, 519-523
Patterson, TraceyAdequan887-895, 903-912
Patton, Sandra & JeremyCutting North Commercial152-154
Paul, Jennifer LouiseGilligan South Barn1347-1352, 1397-1408
Paul, Judd DGilligan South Barn1388-1396, 1409-1417
Payne, HeatherGilligan North Barn910-911
Payton, MarkCutting North Commercial169
Phaneuf, Pierre-LucReining Adequan207-210, 240-242
Pickard, Amber HansonBuckeye Barn213-221, 248-256
Pickard, SuzanneBuckeye Barn222, 246-247
Pierce, CaseyReining Adequan679-680, 703-704
Pilcher, NickCutting Poultry Barn496-501, 544-545
Pine, Megan SkinnerCutting North Commercial138-139
Piper, Chad Adequan164-172, 181-189
Piper, Heidi Adequan125-132, 173-176, 179-180
Pitts, Bradley CBuckeye Barn87-104
Ploog, Jodie PVoinovich/Beef Barn315-316, 333-335
Plowman, AlexReining Adequan603
Pogue, JenellGilligan North Barn626-635, 643-651
Pope, GavinAg & Hort57-58, 80-81
Powell, Amanda MCutting North Commercial181
Powers, DeborahBuckeye Barn309, 334-335
Price, KoleReining Adequan397-403, 427-433
Prince, Anne L Gilligan North Barn210-211, 222-229
Prince, Chester WGilligan North Barn204-209
Puderbaugh, JamesReining Adequan17-18, 33-34
Puthoff, Lynne MAg & Hort123-126, 154-158
Rader, OliviaCutting North Commercial171
Rader, OliviaReining Adequan583
Rafacz, MarkReining Adequan356-363, 374-381
Ralston, Nicole MReining Adequan783-787, 805-808
Ramey, JohnnyCutting Poultry Barn529-530
Rapp, AliciaReining Adequan1000-1006
Rath, Tammy Gilligan North Barn312-329
Ready, CareyO'Neil/Swine Barn316-317, 330-331
Reams, SteveAg & Hort52-55, 82-86, 127-130, 151-153, 207-208
Recchiuti, Donnie JGilligan North Barn308-311, 330-333
Reddish, CindyAdequan201-204, 245-248
Reed, LaurieCutting South Commercial317-320
Reed, Leslie PNorth Commercial150
Reynolds, GabeCutting North Commercial143-150, 159-163
Reynolds, ParkerCutting South Commercial282
Rice, ChrisReining Adequan3-5, 45-48
Ridgely, RyleeNorth Commercial138
Roberson, Stacey AAdequan978-983, 1021-1026
Roberts, Alyse BAg & Hort59-79
Roberts, John Reining Adequan317-318, 323-324
Robertson, TomGilligan North Barn826-837, 864-877
Robinson, Dennis WNorth Commercial67
Robosson, Nicole MarieBuckeye Barn297-298, 342-344
Roderick, ToreyO'Neil/Swine Barn91-99, 130-137
Rogers, Charles BReining Adequan587
Rogillio, TreyCutting South Commercial340-343
Roncone, Susie MGilligan North Barn423, 430
Rorah, ScottCutting North Commercial155
Roseberry, Stephen LCutting South Commercial235
Roybal, JacindaReining Adequan592-593, 599
Ruff, Derick AO'Neil/Swine Barn198-199, 236
Rutledge, AmandaGilligan North Barn614-616, 662
Sanders, Kyle WNorth Commercial147-149
Santos, VincienzoReining Adequan105-110, 146-152
Sapp, Kelly DReining Adequan620-628, 660-667
Sargent, Bennie TBuckeye Barn83-86
Scerbo, LisaNorth Commercial66
Schade, TrentCutting South Commercial356
Schaefer, Joan P Reining Adequan124-133
Schaffhauser, SamReining Adequan212-218, 230-237
Schmidt, Julie AGilligan South Barn1099-1106
Schoeller, RobinReining Adequan250-259, 286-296
Schooler, Beckey JGilligan North Barn453-467
Schultz, TylerO'Neil/Swine Barn440-445
Schumacher, Kristy LNorth Commercial162
Schunk StablesBuckeye Barn115-116
Scott, EmilyNorth Commercial90-91
Scott, SusanGilligan North Barn213-220
Scribner, KristyCutting North Commercial90
Seaman, Andrew TylerReining Adequan393-396, 434-437
Searles, Deanna MGilligan South Barn1194-1198, 1247-1251
Searles, Jim RGilligan South Barn1199-1207, 1238-1246
Seligman, LindsayCutting South Commercial232-233
Sever, TammyO'Neil/Swine Barn168-169, 196-197
Shafer, Amanda North Commercial87
Shank, TiffanyGilligan South Barn1487-1489, 1540-1541
Sharp, AndrewAg & Hort133-148
Shaw, KevinReining Adequan739-740, 747-748
Sheets, Tommy Gilligan North Barn988-1012
Sheffer, Rosie AAdequan451-466
Shepard, Richard John JrGilligan North Barn847-855
Shepherd, Shelley NuhnO'Neil/Swine Barn202, 233-234
Shetler, ChristineNorth Commercial139
Shetler, MelissaAdequan490-495, 503-512
Sliss, Saul D Buckeye Barn117-126, 171-182
Sloas, KevinVoinovich/Beef Barn10
Smiecinski, RebeccaAdequan926-928
Smith, ChuckCutting North Commercial32-35
Smith, Deborah LaneCutting South Commercial302
Smith, DeweyGilligan North Barn414-421, 432-439
Smith, GraceNorth Commercial158
Smith, JasonGilligan North Barn838-845, 856-863
Smith, Julee Or RogerReining Adequan173-180
Smith, Kelle LReining Adequan523
Smith, KellyReining Adequan481
Smith,Tammy Reining Adequan530-531, 564
Snavely, LisaAdequan272-273
Snook, ChristinaNorth Commercial143-144
Sommers, ToddReining Adequan303-305, 335-338
Southern, AshliCutting North Commercial186
Spagnola, EugeneGilligan South Barn1268-1275, 1289-1297
Spear, ElaineCutting North Commercial89
Specht, BrentO'Neil/Swine Barn175-180, 185-190
Spencer, DavidCutting North Commercial187
Stanco, JoeAdequan107-115, 142-151
Stanco, JoeReining Adequan102
Stanton, Kathryn Adequan412-421
Starnes, Jay & KristyGilligan North Barn774-787, 814-825
Stas, JuliaCutting Poultry Barn592
Staton, Andrew VoightGilligan North Barn892-898, 912-917
Steffe, KaceeNorth Commercial60-61
Steiger, Stu Cutting North Commercial173
Stein, JenniferAdequan874-886, 913-925
Stephens, StephenGilligan North Barn537-547
Stockhands Horses For HealingVoinovich/Beef Barn13
Stoelting, BrennaGilligan South Barn1490-1491, 1537-1539
Stoltz , Jeffrey WReining Adequan533-534, 561
Stone, Brenda ACutting North Commercial58, 91
Stover, ReneNorth Commercial163
Stremich, JessicaGilligan North Barn87-90, 127-131
Strunk, Ryan CAdequan634-637, 650-653
Struthers, NatashaCutting South Commercial321
Sutliff, AndrewCutting South Commercial231, 292
Swingley, CarrieCutting North Commercial200-202
Swingley, CharlesCutting North Commercial203
Talbert, BuddyCutting North Commercial133
Tate, JenniferGilligan South Barn1461-1462
Taylor, Dennis CAdequan297-299, 342-344
Teeter, GinaNorth Commercial58-59
Temple, JeffAdequan844-846, 848-851
Thayer, JoanneCutting North Commercial120-123, 174-176
Thomas, Autumn DGilligan North Barn347
Thomas, BillReining Adequan74-75
Thomas, ReidGilligan South Barn1444-1452, 1464-1473
Thompson, JetVoinovich/Beef Barn91-94, 122-126
Thompson, Michele HBuckeye Barn143-153
Thornsley, Linda SGilligan North Barn22-23
Thorson, AllisonReining Adequan62-63, 90
Thurston, Paul IO'Neil/Swine Barn211-225
Thyfault, Melissa AVoinovich/Beef Barn136-153
Tincher, BrentGilligan North Barn354-361, 388-395
Tracey, Kelly LynnO'Neil/Swine Barn357, 384
Trein, DanGilligan North Barn136-149, 176-187
Trein, DarleneGilligan North Barn188-189, 194, 239
Tremblay, DanyReining Adequan519-521
Troyer, Marion EAdequan668-672, 711-717
Tucker, DonnaReining Adequan500
Tucker, Margaux MicheleO'Neil/Swine Barn405-408, 427-430
Turner, CheriReining Adequan410-412, 421-424
Turner, ElizabethO'Neil/Swine Barn360, 381
Turner, Ted JrGilligan North Barn878-890, 934, 985
Uditis, MeganO'Neil/Swine Barn210
Vandeberg, Michael DReining Adequan267
Vandorp, RubenReining Adequan522
Vatterott, PattyGilligan North Barn1-13, 47-55
Vaughn, JordanCutting South Commercial249-250, 274-275
Vazquez, JoseReining Adequan268, 277-278
Veterans Ranch & RetreatVoinovich/Beef Barn14-18
Vickery, BruceAdequan356-367, 369-381
Vigue, DanielleReining Adequan367-370
Vroegh, Shannon MVoinovich/Beef Barn317-332
Wadds, GordonVoinovich/Beef Barn167, 193-194
Wagner, JenniferO'Neil/Swine Barn318-319, 329
Walter, Kimberly Buckeye Barn229-240
Walton, Trevor PReining Adequan547-549
Warda, Michele McCarthyGilligan North Barn150-153, 172-175
Warner, DavidAdequan18-19, 31-32
Wasser, BrendaO'Neil/Swine Barn12-13
Watiker, VanetiaO'Neil/Swine Barn362, 379
Weber, Edward A Adequan542, 553-554
Weeks, GaryGilligan North Barn932, 986-987
Weimer, HannahCutting South Commercial301
Weitekamp, JoeReining Adequan492, 507-508
Welhouse, JennyBuckeye Barn105-114, 183-191
Wells, GlennAdequan621-630, 657-666
Werner, JackCutting North Commercial40
Wessler, Isabelle CReining Adequan604
West, EmilyCutting North Commercial124
Wheat, GregAg & Hort103-104
Wheeler, Joy LVoinovich/Beef Barn271-279, 298-306
Whitaker, JasonCutting Poultry Barn533-535
White, C ReneeNorth Commercial88-89
Wiederholt, Charles PReining Adequan297-298, 344
Wiesemann, AndrewAdequan404-409, 422-424
Wiggins, S SirrenaCutting Poultry Barn531-532
Wilkins, MaddieO'Neil/Swine Barn242-243, 265-267
Williams, Amy DO'Neil/Swine Barn237-239
Williams, ChadAdequan155-157, 197-198
Williams, DukeAdequan682-684, 698-700
Williams, GerdaCutting South Commercial278
Williams, NicholasCutting North Commercial83
Williamson, DaveGilligan North Barn720-722, 771-773
Wilson, M CoreyReining Adequan822, 872-873
Wilson, Randy RAg & Hort1-17, 56
Wilson, TreyCutting South Commercial307-310, 368, 371-372
Winkleman, John JaredReining Adequan718-722, 764-769
Winter, AdamO'Neil/Swine Barn409-426, 446-453
Winters, AdamNorth Commercial151
Wisecarver, SkeeterCutting North Commercial44
Wolf, AndrewReining Adequan731-733, 754-756
Wood, AlanBuckeye Barn77-82
Woodland, ZoeCutting North Commercial125, 167, 170
Woodlief, ThadBuckeye Barn206-212, 257-263
Woodson, Matthew JGilligan North Barn901-909
Yamber, CarlGilligan South Barn1019-1027, 1058-1066
Yeager, LacieO'Neil/Swine Barn47, 87-88
Yoder, MelvinAdequan346-355, 382-391
Yoder, Todd DGilligan North Barn494-507
Young, Shane GO'Neil/Swine Barn394-397, 433-439
Zelnio, Kathleen RAdequan498-501
Zuidema, Jamie LGilligan North Barn793-808
Zuidema, Katy JoGilligan South Barn1088-1096, 1108-1117
Zurstadt, LaurieAdequan410-411